Welcome to The New York City Restaurant Archive!

New York City is full of classic restaurants, albeit a dwindling number of old classics, but I like to think of this site as the Hollywood Vampires of restaurant archives, a restaurant memorial, so to speak, to the countless institutions that have passed through the buildings, flyers, journals, datebooks, and literature of the city. Only restaurants that have closed will be included, the main qualifying features being their persistence for at least a decade (though there may be exceptions) and ability to spark interest in the New York dining scene aficionado of today. Or at the very least, those of us with an obsessive tendency to delve into the history of this city block by block.

At the same time, this is very much a work in progress, and by its very nature always will be. Qualifications for inclusion will, for some time, be in flux, and this website makes no assertions of being “complete.” New information is being added constantly, both in the form of new restaurants and details added to restaurant records. Corrections are also being made as new sources are found. Feel free to share your own corrections, anecdotes, restaurants of interest, questions, etc. via the contact page or comments. When correcting details like dates and addresses that can easily become skewed over time, the inclusion of documentary evidence like business cards, post cards, or articles, is especially helpful.

Happy searching! And to the classic restaurants that are still around, here’s to not seeing them on this website for a long, long time…