Penthouse Club

Penthouse Club
c. 1930 – 1968


Paul Taubman


30 Central Park South, 15th Floor


Koenig, H.P. “The Traveler’s New York: Beautiful and Ugly Live Side-by-Side on Manhattan Island.” Chicago Tribune, April 19, 1964: Sect. 6-9.

“2 N.Y. Eateries Will Try Vaude.” Billboard, April 10, 1948: 43.


  • The penthouse space at 30 Central Park South was filled in early 1969 by Salvation Two, where, “Noise is deafening, drinks are expensive, but the atmosphere is close to friendly.” (1) In 1971 the space was taken over by Nirvana, an Indian and Bangladeshi restaurant, which thrived until a construction accident took out a kitchen wall in 2002.
  • Paul Taubman, also a TV musical director who recorded all four of his albums at the Penthouse, played organ and piano in the restaurant, which was frequented by Broadway celebrities. The restaurant began incorporating shows into dinner two nights a week in 1948.

(1) O’Reilly, Jane. “Dining High.” New York Magazine 2, 10 (March 10, 1969): 64.


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