Restaurant Crillon
ca. 1919 – ?
French and Viennese


Max A. Haering (?)

Otto J. Baumgarten (President and General Manager, ca. 1919 – ?)


The Hecksher Apartments, 277 Park Avenue / 116 East 48th Street

The Hecksher Apartments, 277 Park Avenue (ca. 1934)

15 East 48th Street (ca. 1919 – >1925)


Maiden, Rachel Bell. “The Canape Book.” Reddich, United Kingdom: Read Books Ltd., April 16, 2013: n.p. [Recipes included for Zephyr Crillon and Maryland Morsel. See (1) below.]

“Crillon Added to Places Accepting 6 Weeks’ Padlock.” New York Herald, April 11, 1925: 7.

Crawford, M.D.C. “Design Department: Exhibition of Batiks by Winold Reiss Opened at The Crillon in Conjunction with Restaurant.” New York 20, 132 (June 7, 1920): 4.


  • Regarding Crillon’s two-story location at 116 East 48th Street: “If hungry, you could leave your apartment and via the arcade enter the Crillon’s 2nd floor, or if you were so inclined, dinner would be brought to your apartment on a cart.” (2)
  • In 1926 a legal dispute arose with the Pullman Holding Company in “Pullman Holding Co. v. Restaurant Crillon, Inc.”; result, “application denied, with ten dollars cost.” The case related to the use of certain premises for the illegal trade or sale of alcohol. (3)

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The New Yorker, October 3, 1925: back page

Restaurant Crillon.png

(1) Recipes from Restaurant Crillon, New York in The Canape Book:

Zephyr Crillon: Use three-inch wide unsweetened puff paste strip (the same as used in Napoleons). Spread with anchovy butter (sweet butter mixed with anchovy paste). Lay nice anchovy fillets rhythmically across the canapé, cut into one and a half inch strips. Garnish edges with finely chopped egg and parsley.

Maryland Morsel: Heap round Butterthin biscuits with one-inch high mounds of deviled crab meat; stew with white breadcrumbs, mustard powder, a little fresh butter, and bake until golden brown.

(2) “277 Park Avenue – Hecksher Apartments.” Christine Allison. Blog, March 23, 2013.

(3) 215 App. Div. 802 (N.Y. App. Div. 1926)

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