Restaurant Voisin
1912 – ca. 1969


Maurice Uchitel (1960s)

Jules Muller (1922 – 1944) and August Jandorek (ca. 1919 – 1941)

Max A. Haering (1914 – 1921)

Alfons and Otto J. Baumgarten (1912 – 1919)

Executive Chef:

Hippolyte “Chef Philip” Haultcoer (? – 1967)

Richard Clark (1923 – ?)

Alfons and Otto Baumgarten (1913 – 1919)


Colony House, 30 East 56th Street (1962 – ca. 1969)

575 Park Avenue (November 1952 – 1962) [Now known as The Beekman.]

The Montana, 375 Park Avenue (1913 – 1952) [Demolished ca. 1953 to make way for the Seagram Building.]


Ian Fleming, Diamonds Are Forever (1956):

“Bond sent the cable ‘Collect’ via Western Union, had his fourth shower of the day and went to Voisin’s where he had two Vodka Martinis, Oeufs Benedict and strawberries. Over dinner he read the racing forecasts for the Saratoga meeting, from which he noted that the joint favourites for The Perpetuities Stakes were Mr C. V. Whitney’s Come Again and Mr William Woodward Jnr’s Pray Action. Shy Smile was not mentioned.”

Sylvia Regan, The Fifth Season: A Comedy in Three Acts (1953): Johnny Goodwin (“the debonair, spendthrift character” (1)) offers to take his wife to lunch on her birthday, and she suggests Voisin.

F. Scott Fitzgerald, “The Lost Decade,” Esquire (December 1939):

“‘Mr Trimble – Mr Brown,’ said the source of all luncheon money. ‘Orrison – Mr Trimble’s been away a long time. Or he feels it’s a long time – almost twelve years. Some people would consider themselves lucky to’ve missed the last decade.’

‘That’s so,’ said Orrison.

‘I can’t lunch today,’ continued his chief. ‘Take him to Voisin or 21 or anywhere he’d like. Mr Trimble feels there’re lots of things he hasn’t seen.'”


Morabito, Greg. “Remembering Voisin: The Always-Moving French Restaurant.” Eater New York, January 18, 2011.

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“August Jandorek Dies; Restaurateur Was 59.” New York Herald Tribune, September 12, 1941: 16.


  • Voisin is considered the first fine dining establishment to be established in a modern apartment building.

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Tuesday, January 21, 1958 (New York Public Library, Rare Book Division)

(1) “Real Products Get Big Play in ‘The Fifth Season.'” New York Herald Tribune, June 28, 1953: D2.


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